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This page is pretty much dedicated to the best boyfriend ever, Jack Horner, who I met through a kid at Penn Highlands Community College.  I remember the first time I met Jack when we all went to play basketball in Ebensburg.  We have been going out for 4 months.  Jack is now in Fort Sill, Oklahoma doing his basic training for the Army and I miss him sooo much!!!  He will be there for 4 months, then is comming home for 30 days and then leaving for 3 years.....but he will have leave time so 3 years won't be that long as long as he doesn't go to Iraq!!!
I love you sooo much baby. I'm so happy I went to play basketball that night.  You mean the world to me and I promise I won't do one thing to mess up our relationship. I have been making my decisions wisely and have been thinking about you every day, every hour, every miniute, and every second of my time away from you.  I can't wait until you come home.  We are gonna have so much fun when you come home.....I mean it. Me, Mel, and Kenny are gonna have a surprise for you maybe....if I ever talk to them. I miss you lotz and hope to get a letter from you soon!!! Love you lots and lots babe!!! Love, Lynne


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